Childhood day dreaming vs graduate’s memories of your dreams

Recently, I came across this great article…it refers to childhood and times when we were day dreaming of who we would like to become when we grow up. It suggests a thorough search in our memories of the image of ourselves – AS SEEN BY A CHILD-YOU. Once we get that image, we should take it apart, bit-by-bit, to the core of the issue: is it the fame, prestige, need of help, particular subject matter and so on that made you day dream about such a profession, career, job, position… As the author suggests, there are the three steps that should be followed:

Introducing Your Perfect Careers Advisor: You (Aged 10)

“Step 1: Think back to what you once wanted to be.  Make a note of all the things you used to imagine being when you were younger.  It doesn’t matter how mundane or miraculous your fantasies were — capture everything you can remember.

Step 2: Make a note of why you wanted to be those things.  This is called getting to the heart of the matter.  If you wanted to be a famous scientist, consider why.  Was it the fame and prestige that attracted you?  Was it the possibility of doing something useful for the world?  Was it the idea of working with rare chemicals and complicated equipment?  If you can identify what attracted you about your daydream, you’ve found a valuable kernel of interest that points to your ideal work.

Step 3: Find out what careers enable you to fulfil your “why”” ( Read more:

To conclude:

To take a next step into your career, it would be wise to  take a step back, embark into an inner journey, reflection, and analysis. This might be the most challenging of all the steps at the transition stage from education into employment. It is all about you – the wiser, the educated, yet, all the layers of education and job experience that you have pursued over the years will have to be left behind for that journey. This will be the meeting of you-NOW, with you – THEN, and it might be a painful, yet rewarding career advisory you have experienced so far.



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