Be Stepping Stone Smart

This webpage is dedicated to European graduates in transition from universities to labour markets pursuing their stepping stone route towards employment that meets their life goals and ambitions in home countries, other Member States of the EU, and beyond.

It is based on my doctoral research which had the aim of deepening the understanding of what happens to individuals who graduate in their home country and move to another, within the the post-2004 EU on the example of Polish graduates who migrated to England. The research was undertaken in 2011 and is based on 40 in-depth interviews with Polish graduates of their home country universities and aged between 22-35 years old.

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Enlargement of the European Union (animation) European Community European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The study shows that graduate migration to another country leads to differing approaches to career and life trajectory development after migration. Although, graduates’ transitions from university to employment are individualised, it was possible to identify patterns in the ways in which they approached and negotiated their career progression.

I conceptualise (Szewczyk, 2013) these using the following typology: ‘Continuers’, ‘Switchers’, and ‘Late Awakeners’  with dynamism and slippage across the groupings. Such typology may have wider resonance to other graduate migrant cohorts in Europe and beyond.

What can you find here?

  • Latest information about graduate labour market situation across Europe and beyond
  • Tips on preparation, searching for a job and migration to another country
  • Join discussion on graduate employment and migration
  • Share your migration and/or career steps – how you got to where you are, constraints and fears, ups and downs
  • Contact me for advice on your employment and career development

Szewczyk, A. (2013), Stepping-stone migration. Polish graduate migrants in England. Doctoral thesis at Loughborough University

Szewczyk, A. (forthcoming, 2014) Continuation or Switching? Career patterns of Polish graduates in England, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

  1. Very interesting… I like the content!

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