Aga’s Bio

Everything in this world is the expression of the same thing: ENERGY at different rates of vibration. I am a creative career coach, photographer and researcher. I also AIM TO SUPPORT YOU in your career-life whirl.

Following my doctorate on international graduates’ migration, mobility and career development (PhD titled: Stepping-Stone Migration), where I observed and researched individuals expelling all energy on searching, transitioning and re-creating the space in life that felt right just for them, I woke up one morning and saw myself as the subject of my own thesis.

Chasing personal and professional life experiences across numerous countries, including Poland, the Netherlands, the UK and Canada, suddenly I experienced a life-turning point when I crashed on my road bike in the UK and nearly lost my life at the age of 32.

You can read my short memoir of transition and recovery, which I was writing as I was undergoing physical and mental changes, in a self published book: ‘This is It'(click here to read online). 

In short, a split second before I crashed on my bike, and knowing that this is about to happen, I sensed a strong voice in my head that gave me this clear vision of what my life was supposed to be about, and what it was not. I sensed this vision so deeply, that to this day I can re-feel it again and again, whenever I close my eyes. It does not go away.   

None of my grand decisions and accomplishments such as migrating to another country, learning another language, and a pursuit of professional acumen made it to the final of the most important things of my life to date. 

Sadly, what mattered the most I was also ignoring the most by focusing on daily distractions and achievements. 

Seconds before my bike crash when I just knew that breaking or holding more tightly onto that steering wheel will not make much of a difference, suddenly the message from out of nowhere got tattooed onto my entire past and present existence.

My life was supposed to be about LOVE.

With that thought, I also felt an immediate and intense regret, that it was too late to make it about love. 

After many broken bones, surgeries and months in recovery, when I was at my weakest, I knew that parts of me were being re-created by others, to empower me to then re-create my life. 

With every step somewhere in the new territory called ‘a post accident recovery land’,the scars continued blending in with my skin complexion. However, there was one thought that could not fade.

I knew that I needed to create my newly re-gained life with love.

This is my story and life circumstances, but such deeply sensed transitions can be very intricate to each person and can happen because of multitude of different life scenarios.  

This could be a move from one country to another, career change, parenting and/or challenges with becoming parents, also moving between abilities through diverse temporary or lasting disabilities. There could be many more examples. 

All of these experiences encapsulate one common theme: pushing us to create a new self, over and over again.

Responding to such demands takes a lot of ENERGY. It requires CREATIVITY.

Duhigg (2017) says “creativity is just problem solving; it is not magic“. I also know that ANYONE can be creative.

You got THIS FAR in your journeys. You expelled THIS MUCH ENERGY to be where you are.

Is this where you want and need to be? How do you feel?

Let me be your brief but meaningful journey companion!

I will listen to, advise, guide and make you feel empowered in your life transitions. 

**Aga is currently completing her PgDip in Career Guidance at Coventry University in the UK and gained experience of career coaching within Higher Education settings. Currently, based in Belgium, Aga creates her life with love and for love. Aga delivers career guidance specifically to international clients, postgraduate research students (PhDs), early career researchers as well as undergraduate students, at universities and online.




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