Late Awakeners

Who they are:
  • Graduates in transition from university to labour markets, often women (and mums!) with weaker destination country language skills resulting in weaker self confidence in the labour market
  • Undertaking jobs not requiring their gained university education in their home country university, and remaining within these for longer
  • Experienced perpetuating stagnation of their career, settled in a basic skilled job
  • Confidence issues which prevent them from pursuing different career options

What graduates say:

“Whenever I tried to apply for a course at the college, the priorities had persons that had the knowledge of English, with the ESOL Level 1 as a minimum. I wanted to attend one course… it was tourism, and unfortunately they said that I have to have this Level 1 English done, and the priority have younger persons, who were finishing schools here in the UK. So now, I need to try and do the language” (Grad. 38).

“I’ve got a job that I’ve got at this moment, and to be honest it’s a sort of comfort and laziness, and I am aware of that. It’s just I’ve got this certainty that I’ve got this job, and I know that I ought to change something, but I still have this blockades, language ones, and it’s just hard for me” (Grad. 39).


What they do after migration:
  • Enrol in language courses within diverse time frame, which they treat as a ticket to further training, prerequisite of career development
  • Keep thinking of and willing to undertake further career development, delayed for various personal and external reasons (e.g. language knowledge, lack of confidence, children, lack of finances, lack of time)
  • Awake to a new life situation after a longer period of stagnation, seeing other individuals from their home country actively designing careers trajectories and making progress upon migration

What graduates say:

“Then my point of view has changed a bit, as I’ve realised that you can develop in this country! And I felt free in here. I started seeing that Poles develop themselves here, they go to universities, they work in the offices, and I started thinking, that why not? That I may be able to do the same, achieve the same. But this is only after 5 years, this realisation that I can achieve something in the UK” (Grad. 37).


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